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How Does It Work

How Does It Work

Using MoverShip is simple and fast. The system allows you to publish whatever information you choose according to your needs and the time you have available. Once your account is activated you will be able to post a truck or a load and search the system with just three clicks of your mouse. You will be able to contact your partners by phone or using the platform message system.

Create an account

Creating an account is really easy: use the form CLICKING HERE. We’ll send you an e-mail immediately that shows your account status as ‘pending’. When our team has checked your information and validated your account, you’ll receive a confirmation that your account is live with an expiry date.
Let’s go online to complete your profile!


Your profile

Follow the menu to complete your profile (you can also CLICK HERE
to get it). Complete the requested fields and remember that a fully completed profile is more appealing for the community and is four times as likely to be visited.

Your vehicles

When you create a new account, your vehicle list is empty. It’s up to you to complete your fleet details (once) so that you have a vehicle to designate when you post your trip. CLICK HERE to get your vehicle list. You can add, delete or change your vehicles when you want.

Other options

The menu MY ACCOUNT offers you multiple choices to customize your profile and to adjust the notification setting.



Post a truck

On the page POST A TRUCK you can post a truck with the trip you plan to do. You can specify if it’s a one way trip or if you do the same trip often and the stops you plan to do along the way. The form will guide you quickly and easily through the process.


Post a load

The page POST A LOAD will give you the chance to post your loads, so to share with the users your need to move some stuffs from the point A to the point B. The form will drive you in a fast and easy way.

Find a truck/a load

You can SEARCH A TRUCK or A LOAD with the specific menus. You’ll just have to set your departure and arrival address, the date and the tolerance radius you have (the maximum distance you are willing to travel to pick up a return load). Click on Search and a list of all the matching results will be showed.

Contacting people

Once your account is validated, you will be able to see full details of the companies that have trucks or loads on offer. You can contact them by phone, e-mail or using our instant message system. Once the link is created, our job is done and we wish the best for your negotiation.

Evaluate your experience

A few days after you have used MoverShip we will ask you to evaluate your experience.
Our purpose is to share the most information possible and prevent any deceitful usage of the platform. At the same time we’d like to reward the best companies using MoverShip. It only takes two minutes to complete. Thank you for your cooperation.