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About MoverShip

About MoverShip

The moving industry is unique: it is close to freight transport but has its own peculiarities and require special attention. All moving companies, regardless of size, face the same fundamental problem: how to provide a high-quality service at a reasonable price while being profitable.

Rather than cut your investment in qualified personnel or top quality materials, MoverShip focusses on improving your company’s efficiency by reducing your transport costs. It achieves this by providing a simple and effective way for movers to obtain return loads from anywhere in Europe. MoverShip is an online platform that is based on the spirit of carpooling but adapted for international moving companies. The aim is to connect those with space on vehicles to available loads, simply and securely.

Using MoverShip is so simple to use. Based on Google Maps, it displays clearly the routes and loads suggested by users of the platform. No detail is spared: truck size, weight, volume and available loads. With a simple click, both parties are connected so they can complete the moves as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.  

Registration for the MoverShip platform is free for the first year. Telephone customer service support is provided to guide users and help them become familiar with the platform if necessary. Video tutorials are also available on the website in multiple languages.  
The platform contains a directory of partner companies each carrying a company profile with full contact details, vehicles available and the services offered. Every company that uses MoverShip is subject to review by its partner company to share everyone’s experiences and help guarantee a high quality service.  
In its initial launch phase MoverShip will be offered to the European market and translated into French, English, German and Italian. In the second phase, it is expected to expand throughout the Eastern Hemisphere and worldwide.