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  • General

    Q.  1 - Movership and how does it work?

    Our main aim with MoverShip is to provide a very fast, effective and easy-to-use service. At the core of the service will be Google Maps. By inputting the necessary details users will clearly see a display of all the main routes with helpful alternatives suggested by others users. The platform contains a directory of partners’ companies with access to their company profile pages. Each user will find full contact details, vehicle availability and the range of services provided. Each company taking part in MoverShip will be subject to reviews by other members so that everybody's experiences will be shared and high quality service guaranteed.

    Q.  2 - The launch strategy

    The success of the MoverShip network will depend on the number of moving companies that use it. The first aim of the MoverShip board is, therefore, to grow the network by offering its use free to the whole moving industry. The first MoverShip year will be a test bed for the working model of the system. Its first phase launch will be for the European market in French and English. During the first year it will be translated into German, Spanish and Italian. After this trial phase, we propose to expand MoveShip firstly to the eastern hemisphere then worldwide.

    Q.  3 - Fast and easy to use

    MoverShip allows each user the opportunity to publish whatever details they choose on the system. Once the account is activated it will be possible to post an available load or vehicle space with just three clicks of the mouse. Partners can be contacted by phone or by using the platform message system.

    Q.  4 - How to create an account?

    Creating an account is really easy using the online form. An e-mail will be immediately sent to you showing that the account is ‘pending’. When our team has checked the information and validated the account, you will receive confirmation that your account is live and be given an expiry date.

    Q.  5 - User profile

    Each individual profile has marked fields to be filled in accordingly, plus a section where you can add a short biography to share with the rest of the community. The more complete your profile the more likely it is that your page will be visited by the rest of the community.

    Q.  6 - How to post a load?

    On the POST A LOAD page you will be able to post return loads that you have available.

    Q.  7 - How to post a truck?

    On the POST A TRUCK page you can post details of the truck along with the route it is planning to make. You can specify whether it’s a one-way trip or a recurring trip and the possible stopovers along the way.

    Q.  8 - Find a truck/a load

    To search for a truck or a load simply navigate the specific menus. All you need to do is enter the departure and arrival addresses, the date and the tolerance radius (the maximum distance you are prepared to travel to pick up a load). The Search button will show the list of all the matching results.

    Q.  9 - Contacting people

    Once your account is validated you will be able to see all the information about the companies offering trucks or loads. You can contact them by phone, e-mail or using our instant message system. Once the link is created, our job is done!

    Q.  10 - Evaluate the experience

    MoverShip is a reward-based platform. The quality of the shared experience is the main criteria we will consider when evaluating its performance. A feedback form will be sent out to you a few days after you have used the network. This final stage will allow us to monitor the usage of the platform to make sure everybody complies and, at the same time, reward those who have given the best service.