5 Foolproof Ways to Compare Moving Companies

Let’s face it: there are so many professional moving companies out there that you can easily become confused about which one to pick when you need to hire the services of a good mover.

Choosing a moving company at random won’t work because you want ..

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10 Tips For Moving to a New City Alone

Moving to a new city is a challenging task on its own, but moving to a new city alone will present an even more serious challenge.

The increased level of difficulty does not only stem from the fact that you’ll be organizing a house move without trus..

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Madagascar: Reminder of container loading rules

AGS Madagascar wishes to remind its colleagues and partners of the rules for loading containers, especially relating to the loading of motor vehicles.

In most cases, cars and motorcycles are loaded into the bottom of containers, behind the household goods, which means that dockers must first remove all personal effects in order to access the vehicles for SGS to conduct its inspection. Not only does this additional handling represent a waste of valuable time, but the HHGs and the vehicle are likely to be reinserted incorrectly. In order to avoid this situation in future, we’d like to urge you to enforce the rules when loading motor vehicles into containers.

Please ensure that cars and motorcycles are systematically loaded on the door side of the container.

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Try These Ideas Before Privatizing Military Moves

Privatization might look good on paper, but there are many holes. A single move manager would oversee all contracts with individual moving companies. But with that simplicity come larger concerns over a lack of contractor accountability and the dangers of multiple layers of subcontracting.

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Air cargo demand at three year low in January

Figures from IATA show that January saw airfreight traffic declined by 1.8% year on year in freight tonne km terms, which the airline association said was the worst performance in the last three years, the association said. To make matters worse, capacity was up by 4% resulting in freight load factors declining by 2.7 percentage points to 45.1%.

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Amazon poised to enter global logistics market

One strategy to keep shipping costs low is moving more of the company's shipping in-house instead of relying on third parties such as UPS, FedEx, or USPS. Rather than simply looking to shrink its shipping cost, experts say that Amazon is adding another business to its roster: shipping and delivery.

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UK truckers set for temporary EU permit-free access in a no deal Brexit

UK hauliers may be able to maintain operations in the European Union (EU) without permits for certain services over a nine month period in the event of a no deal Brexit. A provisional agreement between the European Parliament and Member States to allow UK hauliers to work without European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT) permits still needs to be formally confirmed.

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