How to Motivate Yourself to Pack for Moving

The task of packing for a move usually starts immediately after the house move has been confirmed and ends either a day before the move-out date or on Moving day itself.

And due to the extended duration and tedious repetitiveness of the job of packi..

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New Container Line Association to Tackle Digital Standardization in Shipping

Some of the world’s top container shipping line are banding together to form an association seeking to drive new digital technology standards to boost efficiency for shipping lines and customers. The Digital Container Shipping Association was officially launched in Amsterdam on April 10 after gaining regulatory approval from the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission last month.

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7 Tips for Moving Small Loads Across Country

House moving scenarios differ greatly, so each residential move should feel kind of unique for whoever’s moving out. It’s impossible to duplicate exactly the same relocation parameters, isn’t it?

When moving to a new home that’s located far from whe..

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