FAST Act HHG Working Group Report of Recommendations

This report provides information on the 19 recommendations developed by the Working Group formed at the request of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act), Pub. Law No. 114-9 to:

*Condense publication ESA 03005 (“Ready to Move?”) of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) into a format that can be more easily used by consumers;
*Use state-of-the-art education techniques and technologies, including optimizing the use of the internet as an educational tool; and
*Reduce and simplify the paperwork required of motor carriers and shippers in interstate transportation.

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Magnetic North Relocation and Future Maritime Navigation

Recent scientific reports have advised about magnetic north drifting toward Siberia, and steps are being undertaken to assist international transportation in regard to directional accuracy. The combination of relocation of magnetic north, carbon induced global warming and a possible cyclical reduction in solar energy output has numerous implications that can affect future shipping and even future trade.

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Sudan: Port dockers strike adds to delays

On Friday 22 February, President Omar al-Bashir dissolved the government and declared a state of emergency. Anti-government protests are taking place almost daily since December, causing a serious slowdown in the economy. The situation remains very tense with many deaths reported and hundreds of arrests. In addition to the social unrest, a strike by port workers at the Port of Sudan has commenced on 14 February 2019. The dockers have closed the port to protest against the concession of the container terminal to a Philippine company.

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10 Things You Should Know About Interstate Movers

When moving between two homes, the move distance will play a major role in determining what type of professional movers you choose to hire for the move, or whether you’ll need professional moving services at all.

For local moves, you’ll need to hire..

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Services from Expert Office Movers in San Francisco

While there are many office movers, San Francisco companies have been
relying on the professionals of Metropolitan Van & Storage to provide them
with expert-level services for years. With all of our experience, we are able
to offer well-rounded service that always puts your satisfaction at the f…

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