Professional Household Movers for Your Local Sacramento Move

As the capital city of California
with a population of well over two million residents, there’s no doubt that
Sacramento is a popular place to call home! Known as the cultural and economic
center of the region, the city of Sacramento offers an appealing mix of
entertainment, events, and beautiful sc…

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U.S. House Passes Six-Month Delay of Overtime Rule

The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday night passed a bill (H.R. 6094) that would delay implementation of the Department of Labor’s overtime rule until the middle of next year. The bill passed on a 246-177 mostly party-line vote, though five Democrats did vote in support of the bill. The Senate adjourned last night after passing a stopgap spending bill to avert a government shutdown, meaning there will be no Senate vote on the overtime bill until after the November elections at the earliest.

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UPS tests drone deliveries to remote places

UPS has begun testing drones to make commercial deliveries of packages to remote or difficult-to-access locations, working together with drone-maker CyPhy Works. The two companies staged a mock delivery of an urgently needed asthma inhaler from Beverly, Massachusetts, to Children’s Island, three miles off the Atlantic coast.

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Brexit and its impact on the Eurpean Union/Where do we go now?

Since the outcome of the Brexit vote that took place on the 23rd June, much speculation on the future of the European Union has been made. The biggest question being a general one “What now?” Indeed, what would happen with the UK? It is clear that despite what the pro Brexit advocated, the separation will be a slow one. How will this be done?

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Investor action could spell the end for Rickmers Maritime

Rickmers Trust Management, the Singapore-listed trustee-manager of Rickmers Maritime, has announced that it has been served with a “notice of acceleration” today by law firm Rajah & Tann, claiming to be acting for more than 25% of holders of its S$100m 8.45% notes due in May 2017.

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Guide To Moving To Another State: Moving Tips

Has the time come for you to move to another state? If so, you are expected to have a rather busy schedule in the following months or maybe even weeks of preparation. Do you think you’re up to the relocation challenges as things stand right now?

Regardless of whether you believe the upcoming change is a good idea or not, the mere fact that you’ve made up your mind to leave the borders of your current state means that you must be really interested in learning the required steps to moving to a new state.

As you might already know, planning, organizing and executing a successful out of state move is anything but a joke. In fact, it’s proven that the preparation stage is the key to the preservation of your budget, prized possessions, and of course – your nervous system as well.

The following tips for moving to another state will surely make both your preparation and execution stages much more manageable from start to finish.

Reasons to move to another state
Your reasons to move to a ne..

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