How To Move A Safe By Yourself: Stay Safe!

The process of moving house is an interconnected series of move related tasks that serve one common purpose – to get you, your family, and all your possessions from Point A to Point B with no damage whatsoever to your savings, your home, your household items, and most importantly – anyone who’s involved in the house move.

And if your move has already been scheduled, then you must be already working on the jobs in your personal moving calendar. And if that is the case, have you noticed how some tasks are relatively easy to complete and offer some kind of breathing space for your busy schedule, others will certainly give you a run for your money?

The fact that some items are much harder to pack, transport, and unpack than others cannot be really disputed – how could you possibly compare moving your book collection to deciding to take your antique piano with you? You can’t. And what about transporting huge and heavy furniture pieces? Taking your pool or snooker table with you?

Wait a s..

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EU calls for free passage through South China Sea

Countries must be free to pass through the South China Sea, the European Commission said on Wednesday, in its first diplomatic admonishment of Beijing after Chinese jets intercepted a U.S. military plane over the contested waters last month. The Commission avoided directly criticizing Beijing, a major trade partner, but warned in a new policy document that it opposed “unilateral actions that could alter the status quo and increase tension”, in a sign of concern at China's construction and militarization of islands in the South China Sea.

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Irish Rail tests longer freight trains

Irish Rail (IE) operated a 440m-long container freight train between Dublin North Wall and Claremorris on June 27 as part of trials to introduce longer freight trains later this year to boost its competitiveness.

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German air cargo ban another setback for Bangladesh

Germany is now the third country after, Australia and the U.K., to ban direct cargo flights from Bangladesh, despite a costly new screening process at the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. The decision was made by the LBA, Germany’s civil aviation authority, and was taken “because of information provided by our law enforcement authority and intelligence services.” Shipments from Bangladesh to Germany are now considered “high risk,” the LBA said.

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Signs of post-Brexit turbulence ahead for U.K. airfreight

Shortly after the last votes were counted last Thursday, favoring the U.K.’s exit from the European Union by a margin of 52 percent to 48 percent, a slew of graphs appeared online parsing out the nuances of the complicated event. Examined in conjunction, the numbers uncovered some startling trends – most of them troubling for the now-independent island nation over the next few years.

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Heathrow pushes case for expansion following EU vote

Heathrow Airport has pushed its case for expansion following the UK’s vote to leave the European Union (EU) and with the possibility of a Heathow-expansion sceptic becoming the next prime minister. Shortly after the result of the vote was announced, the airport emphasised the importance of its expansion for UK businesses.

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Panama inaugurates expanded Canal

The $5 billion project of Panama’s waterway expansion officially opened, when the first vessel sailed through on Sunday, June 26. The COSCO Neopanamax vessel made the inaugural transit of the Expanded Panama Canal after a 14-day journey. The widening of the canal was initially mooted about 102 years ago, before the second world war.But as ships grew in size, the canal faced a rising pressure to expand.

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