Calais – Pyrenees rolling road service launched

At around 1200km, Viia Britannica is the longest rolling road operation in Europe. Viia Britanica will operate six return trips a week between the Pyrenees and the English Channel, with a view to doubling frequency at a later stage. Each train is 680m long with 20 wagons with a total capacity of 40 semitrailers. Viia expects to carry 40,000 units a year over the next five years.

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5 Tips For Labeling Your Moving Boxes Like A Pro

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but if you ask 10 random people to name the most disorganized process in life, you can rest assured that at least a few of the answers will be about the transitional period of moving to another home. Despite the bad reputation the moving preparations usually have, disorganization, chaos and stress are three words which you don’t have to hear or deal with while you are getting ready to move out of your current home.

One of the ways to help you introduce structural organization into your house move is to devise a smart and fool-proof labeling system for your already packed cardboard boxes. After all, if you’re already thinking about the best way to label moving boxes, then this means that one of the hardest, laborious and time-consuming pre-move tasks (yes, packing!) must be over, or at least close to being done and over with.

And regardless of your current progress in your relocation preparation, just remember that in order to crown your pac..

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New Expressways for Poland

The European Commission has announced that around 330 km of ‘expressways’ will be built in Poland. The ten major projects which are worth €3.3 billion will go ahead, together with €1.7 billion …

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Special Help for Your Company’s Special Items

When it comes to moving
services, commercial moves are in a league of their own. Unlike residential
moves, they require the relocation of larger and more expensive items in minimized
downtime. At Metropolitan Van, we tackle your commercial moves with a fervor to
go above and beyond your expectations…

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9 Common Packing Mistakes You Don’t Have To Make

It’s hardly a surprise that with so many things to take care of, the process of moving house often proves to be more complicated than you have originally planned. Add the constantly increasing move related stress prior to your moving day, and all of a sudden, you get a highly volatile situation where the number of unforced and forced moving errors can easily skyrocket.

To help you have a stress-free move from start to finish, we’re offering you a glimpse at 9 common mistakes when packing for a move. Simply stay away from the following bad packing errors to keep things under control.

#1: To start packing without a good plan
One of the most common mistakes when packing for a move is to just start boxing any household items you can get hold of without having a clear packing strategy in your head or written down on a piece of paper. The major problem with packing up your home on a random principle is that although it feels like you’ve initiated the most time consuming process a residenti..

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