Grieving Alone in the Time of COVID-19

With the absence of physical contact and proximity being limited to six-foot distances, grieving people will miss out on the important psychological aspects of touch and physical presence, exacerbating the grieving process. Many will be at home alone. So your words matter more than ever.

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How to Pack Drawers for Moving

Every time you’re about to pack furniture with drawers, one important question that you will definitely ask yourself is, “Should I empty the drawers before packing the furniture?”.

In fact, it’s an excellent question because there are basically two ..

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France Loosens Moving Restrictions

In a welcome sign for the French moving industry, the government has given the green light to authorize people to travel more than 100 km to visit new homes or rental properties. The re-authorization of visits and removals throughout France “when they cannot be postponed” is seen as a further relaxing in restrictions that have badly affected the moving industry in the country.

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Argentina Update: Extension of Quarantine

The federal government, through Decree 493, has extended the period of compulsory quarantine throughout the country until 7 June. It was also reported that the quarantine will be strictly enforced in the area with the highest number of cases, the city of Buenos Aires and the suburban area of Buenos Aires province. The rest of the country has considerably lowered the rate of cases and therefore each province will be able to gradually ease the restrictions for the productive activities of its territory.

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The 20 Best Packing Tips for Moving

At first, the home moving process can look rather daunting – it’s not only overly expensive but the mere thought of having to entrust your valuable possessions to complete strangers is enough to send shivers down your spine.

Add the arduous task of ..

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